Beautiful Plus-Size Clothing Store on Etsy

These clothes at the JIBRI clothing store on Etsy are gorgeous (found via Definatalie). Great fabrics. Great cuts. So stylish, pretty, unique — and made for curves!

plus-size dress, etsyplus-size skirt, halter, etsy


plus-size dress, etsyplus-size dress, one-shoulder, etsy

1) Jungle Wrap Dress, $120, 2) Ruffle-Front Halter, $90 and High-Waist Flare Skirt, $85 3) Aviator-Sleeved Wrap Dress, $125, and 4) Vintage Floral One-Shoulder Dress, $150.

These outfits are probably not affordable for everyday wear. But they're also not outrageously priced for going out or special occasion wear either (I'm also drooling over those yellow wedges).

Swoon! Pretty, well-constructed clothes, JIBRI! You may also visit the the JIBRI website.

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