Norma Kamali for Walmart!

norma kamali walmart

Photo from Walmart

I love designer Norma Kamali's clothes -- super fashionable yet functional, perfect for every day. She can make sweatpants and hoodies look stylish. But most of her clothes were out of my financial reach...until now. She's designed an extensive collection for Walmart and nothing is over $20. Want more to love? She uses organic cotton! Can someone please pinch me?

I'm literally putting stuff in my cart online right now. Check out this all-in-one jersey top that you can wear in eight different ways.


norma kamali walmart

norma kamali walmart

norma kamali walmartHow cute is this henley dress? And this gingham skirt? And I need this ruffled bathing suit bottom. There's a tankini top to match.

Shop Norma Kamali for Walmart here.

Don't you love when pricey designers show us love on the cheap?






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