10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

father's day gift ideas

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Father's Day is a tough one for me. My dad is the hardest to buy for (he has everything!) -- and as for my husband...we're saving money for the babies birth and not spending on gifts right now.

But I'm always looking for some good ideas for dad. Christopher Dabrowski from The Manly Men Men blog says to forget the neck tie and think outside the box. "You don't have to break the bank when it comes to buying dad something he will appreciate and enjoy," says Dabrowski. "Give your dad a gift that he will actually use and appreciate. Even if it means spending quality time together," he added.

He offered up these 10 ideas for dad this Father's Day.


The Manly Men Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas are as follows:

  1. Swiss Army Knife
  2. Sporting Event Tickets
  3. iPod -- You can even preload it with some of his favorite music.
  4. A good book -- whether or not your dad is an avid reader, a book is a great gift.
  5. Cigars (or humidor)
  6. Digital Camera -- You can get a decent point and shoot for under $150 these days. 
  7. Watch -- you don't have to break the bank, but a stylish new watch will be sure to get some miles on dad's wrist.
  8. Golf passes (or a day out on the course)
  9. Spending quality time -- this can mean hitting the links, fishing, or even just enjoying some time together in the backyard shooting the breeze and enjoying a cold one in front of the BBQ.
  10. BBQ accessories -- even a BBQ Branding iron so Dad can brand his steak!

The branding iron is perfect for the dad who has everything -- my dad! You can customize it with his initials. Check out this Classic Steak Brand from Grilling Gifts ($39.95).

Thanks Manly Men Men Blog for the info!

What gifts do you have in mind for Father's Day?

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