Does a New Look Mean a Mad Partner?


One time in college, when I was a bit more adventurous with my looks, I decided on a whim to dye my hair blonde all over except underneath, where I dyed it dark brown (I know that sounds weird, but it actually looked good, just a little more fashion-y than the mousy brown color that I'd had). Anyways, I came home and my fiance at the time FREAKED OUT! I mean, really freaked out.


My argument was, "It's my hair, and I can do what I want with it!" But I haven't attempted a drastic makeover like that since.

Some moms in the All About Hair and Makeup group had similar scenarios:

catwalksymphony: DH always hates it when I cut my hair because he likes long hair and I like short hair...he's for sure going to hate the next style I'm going to go for. Oh well. It's my hair.

BayleesMomma104: My hubby is a butt about it. I had pretty long hair and I saw this picture of Britney Spears with short blonde hair and I asked him if he thought it would be cute. He's like "Whatever, sure, yeah," so I did it. And then he says he liked it better long and the color before. I'm still mad about it!  

Has that ever happened to you? Does your SO get mad when you change your look?

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