A Self-Help T-Shirt Every Mom Should Have (and Obey)

do nothing T-shirt, moms, take time away

T-shirt from Spreadshirt

I'd love a gentle reminder that it's okay to do nothing every now and then — I like this idea so much, in fact, that I want to wear the message on a T-shirt!


Tomorrow alone, I must do the breakfast thang, drop off my preschooler at school, get my kindergartner on the school bus, work work work (I'll spare you the details), get my oldest child off the school bus, entertain him while simultaneously working (look no hands!), catch our suddenly-peeing-in-the-house cat, shove her in the carrier, take her to the vet, pray it doesn't cost $1,000 (and that it's nothing serious!), drop the cat back home, and go to parent meeting at the preschool, kids in tow — and that's before any dinner is made, served, or cleaned up and all that comes after that (which hopefully will *not* include cleaning up any more cat pee).

I would like nothing more than someone to remind me that it's A-OK to keep a day open in the future.

So you can bet I'm wanting for this cute brown T-shirt that does just that. This T's cute message is a nice reminder to be good to myself and leave my to-do list blank whenever possible (which isn't often but still...).

Lots of T-shirt colors and sizes available.

Would you consider clearing your to-do list for a day? Will it take way more than a cute T-shirt to remind you to try?

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