Earrings! Summer's Best


Photo from Butterfly Bohemia

Necklaces and rings are sometimes too hot to wear -- I don't like things made of metal on my skin if it's sweltering out, but it's almost never too hot for earrings.

Plus, if your hair is long and you pull it back to stay cool, a pretty pair of earrings looks really great, especially in a bold summer color.

Here are three styles I really want.


Butterfly Bohemia's vintage leather dangle earring ($23.99) -- love these big circles, so pretty in green, and she has other colors, too.

Lina Linet's The Hands of Time earrings ($9) -- coolest earrings ever?! Maybe not good for moms of small children (sharp edges), so remove when holding them.

Kohl's SO Gold Tone Beaded Chandelier Earrings ($6.00 on sale) -- beading is super cute and I love the bright punch colors.



Photo from Lina Linet


Photo from Kohl's












Which pair are your favorite?


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