Would You Let Someone With Bad Hair Cut Yours?

bad hair

Photo from Laura Jane's Store

"Hi, I'm your new hairdresser!"

I was always afraid to touch my eyebrows myself so I used have them tweezed by a professional. (I don't have the time or the cash for that sort of thing these days.) She had a great reputation and tons of clients, but ... she had really bad eyebrows. They were over-plucked and oddly shaped. I was more than a little nervous at my first appointment. But despite what seemed her endless plucking, my brows looked perfect when she was through with them.


I've also had quite a few encounters with hair stylists who had cuts and colors so awful, I thought about making a run for it. But my hair turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. And I once had my makeup done for free at Sephora by a really nice young woman with really bad makeup. She made me look like Marilyn Manson—it was a really good Marilyn Manson, but it was not the look I was going for. At least I could wash my face.

Another time, I went to a new dermatologist to get my annual skin check. I was shocked when the guy walked into the examining room with a tan that could rival George Hamilton's (click here if you're too young to know who he is). Hello? Wasn't my doctor supposed to be lecturing me about spending too much time in the sun? I never went back to him again.

I also went to an orthodontist with not-so-straight teeth (that's a nice way of saying "really crooked"), but to her credit they were sparkling white.

I'm not sure what the moral of this story is, but it goes to show you that can't really judge a beauty professional's skills by their own style (or lack thereof). Oh, and that some dermatologists are just dodos.

Have you ever gone to a dentist with bad teeth, a stylist with horrible hair, or a makeup artist that was overdone? Did you keep your appointment? Did you like the results?

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