Dress in Light Colors to Beat the Heat

summer safety

dress in light colors

Photo from Old Navy

I wear a lot of black -- I'm wearing a black dress right now. But to stay cool in the summer, it's best to dress in light colors. Dark colors absorb more heat, making you hotter. It's also great to wear natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen instead of synthetic polyester and rayon.

This is a good rule of thumb for the whole family, but I picked out some cute styles in light colors for us.

For summer, my favorite light colors are white, light green, pale pink, and light yellow.


Old Navy's Women's Eyelet-Trim Sundress ($29.50) just needs some sandals and you are all set.


dress in light colors

Photo from Anthropologie

one should top

Photo from Target












light color clothes

Photo from American Eagle

Anthropologie's Soft Tiers Tee in green ($58) would look great with a white linen skirt or shorts.

Air out one shoulder with Target's One Shoulder Sleeveless Ruffle Top in coral ($14.99), a pale pink that won't drown out those with light skin tones.

Light yellow may be my favorite. American Eagle's AE Floral Printed Dress in yellow ($39.50) also features green in a great summery print.

Do you wear a lot of light colors? What is your favorite?

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