Different-Sized Breasts: How to Find Balance


lopsided breastsLast week our resident boobologist (a.k.a. my sister who's worked in the lingerie industry for several years), told us how to determine if we were wearing the wrong bra size. Lots of people wrote in asking how to find a bra if your breasts are different sizes. Here's what she suggested...

It is actually quite common for women to have breasts that are different sizes. Here's how to find the right bra for this type of body:

  • One way to find a great-fitting bra even if your breasts are two different sizes is to find a stretch bra. Typically this bra would be made of a stretch lace: Therefore, the bra will stretch on either side (however much is needed) to accommodate each individual breast. My favorite stretch bra is the Halo Lace bra by Wacoal ($42).
  • If, however, you are unable to wear a stretch bra—possibly because you need more coverage in the nipple area—you need to find a t-shirt bra, (or lined bra) that has a bit of stretch in it. When choosing the appropriate cup size, ensure that the cup accommodates your larger breast. This is because under your shirt, it will not be apparent that there is a bit of gapping on the smaller side. If however, you purchase a bra with a cup size of your smaller breast, your larger breast will escape from the top of the cup creating an unsightly third breast.
  • If your breasts are different sizes by a cup size or more, I recommend that you even out your cups by placing an insert in the cup of the smaller breast. One insert I really like is Nordstrom Intimates Push-Up Gel Pads ($38). Depending on where your breast needs a little help, these gel pads come in two different silhouettes—one which would provide fullness on top, and one why boosts from beneath. While this might seem like an investment, remember that you will be wearing these everyday to even out your ladies. If you just can't spend the money, however, these Beautiful You Breast Enhancers from Target ($12.99) will work as well.

Do you have different-sized breasts? How do you even them out?

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sstepph sstepph

I have that issue right now because Im breastfeeding and my son, for some reason has weaned himself off of my right breast, so its back to normal and my left is nice and full -- haha.. so its annoying and I am hoping once he is weaned completely it will be back to normal.. if not, then I will need some help. But for now, I try not to worry as much.. My Fiance says he cant tell.. soo .. who knows!

JLee07 JLee07

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  I was hoping it was something as simple as that. My DH doesn't notice it, but I do & it makes me uncomfortable.  It's really noticeable now that I had a baby!!!

Mommy... MommyOf2kids67

I will have to look into these options!! Ty very much for the information :D

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