How to Shop Vintage & Thrift Stores

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A lot of ladies find vintage and thrift store shopping to be a terrible chore. I'll admit that it can be difficult, but if you go with the right state of mind and an open mind, you can find a lot...and at really great prices. This vintage coat is just $36!

I know a lot of you love to shop thrift stores. And who doesn't love a bargain? I thought of some tips on how to best shop for one-of-a-kind finds and also share some of my favorite online vintage shops.

Would love to know your tips as well!

  • From Posh Girl Vintage

    If you live in the city, shop suburban and rural areas. I live in NYC and a vintage item often costs about 10 times as much in Manhattan than an hour away. 
  • Check out the thrift and vintage shops while visiting other towns. Some of the best items I found, I picked up while visiting my in-laws in Louisiana and Alabama. I got a cute rabbit fur jacket for $20 at a Goodwill just outside of Fairhope.
  • Go to antique stores for great jewelry. Most antique shops sell furniture, not clothes, but they often have an excellent selection of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. That's where I found this necklace!
  • If something catches your eye, look at it with an open mind. You can add a belt, cardigan, or other accessories to vintage clothes so it doesn't feel like a costume.
  • Be open with sizing. Clothes from the 40s are really small and I've found most arm lengths of coats are really short. Same holds true for other decades, too. Try things on. If you are buying online, take your measurements and be sure it will fit if there isn't a return policy.

Here are some of my favorite online vintage shops:

Know of any others not on this list? Do tell!


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