Clothes Shopping: Is Buying Only One Brand Too Boring?

I want to look stylish and wear nice clothes, but this is a problem for me because I'm severely impaired in the shopping department.

I don't have money, time, patience, or follow fashion trends.

So this is how I compensate -- I buy 80 percent of my clothes at one store: J.Crew. The style is totally me -- a blend of romantic and sleek casual. The clothes fit my particular body type really well.

Yes, it's an expensive store. But before you accuse me of being rich, I must tell you that J.Crew has fantastic sales.


I couldn't afford to shop there otherwise. I don't buy clothes very often, a few things every year, and I NEVER buy anything that isn't heavily discounted. By this point I know my exact size in everything -- shirts, pants, jeans, even shoes.

It makes shopping very easy -- I'm on the email list so I just go on the site, click, and snap up really good sale and clearance items. Or I make a quick stop in when passing the mall.

My latest find? That mushroom colored lawn skirt above. It's marked down from $70 to $50 on the website, but I snagged mine for $19 at my local store. I regularly pick up pants and jeans for $25. The clothes are such good quality, I wear them for years.

I know the fashion gods are frowning at me. Just like every single piece of furniture in your living room shouldn't be from Pottery Barn, you need to mix it up or end up looking cookie cutter like one of those displays in the catalog.

But shopping around is just too much work for me. And to tell the truth, I'd give anything to look like one of those displays in the J.Crew catalog.

Do you buy most of your clothing from one brand/store? Anything wrong with that or, hey, whatever makes a mom's life easier?

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