Sculptz: Comfortable Body Shapers

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Whether you are post-baby or just want to have a streamline look under your clothes, shapewear is where we turn. And there's a line I just discovered called Sculptz that shapes without making you feel like a sausage.

You know what I mean when I say that, right? I get that sausage feeling when I'm stuffed into something and it's not comfortable. I'm curvy, and like it that way, but sometimes I still like a little shaping while still maintaining my lady curves.


sculptz shapewearSculptz has tights ($25), shorts ($22), and pantyhose ($23) available in quite a few colors. All are resistant to runs and pilling. You can see how it works in the pantyhose at right.

They're designed with special panels to accent the curves we want others to see and smooth out the ones we don't. They flatten the tummy, lift the rear, and slim the hips and thighs, but like I said, they are actually comfy!

Online sales only at Sculptz. Not yet in stores.

Do you wear shapewear? Have you tried Sculptz yet?

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