How Do You Feel About Knockoffs?

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Birkin-Styled Handbag, $39.95

My sister lives in China, land of the knockoff _______ (anything your heart desires). You can get a "Tiffany" necklace, a "Chanel" handbag, or some "Prada" sunglasses for dirt cheap. I'm talking $10 or less for items that could, if they were the real thing, cost you thousands.

There are plenty of knockoffs to be had here in the U.S. as well, and although passing them off as real and selling them isn't exactly legal, that hasn't stopped shoppers who covet owning something with a Coach, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci logo from buying them.

Of course there is a difference between knockoff bags and counterfeit bags that violate trademark laws. If you're looking for a bag that's "like a Birkin bag" or some other hot handbag du jour, you can certainly find them in lower priced stores or on Fashion Knockoffs, and that's all legal as far as I know. What isn't legal is using a designer's logo or altering it a bit and passing the bag off as the real thing.

I've never been into logos, though unfortunately that doesn't mean I don't like expensive things. I'm just more interested in offbeat designers, which is why Etsy has become my favorite place to shop. If I did own a Coach or Gucci bag, I'd want it to be the real thing, otherwise what's the point? (Subliminal message to sister: Please stop giving me fake stuff.) But I know a lot of people feel differently.

What's your take on knockoffs? Do you care if your Coach bag is a phoney? Do you think there's something more special about having the real thing? Do you think it's okay to buy bags with faux logos even though it's illegal?

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I used to own knockoffs years in college and shortly afterwards.  However, I buy the real thing now.  I would rather have one or two REAL Gucci bags then 15 FAKES.  The fakes usually look so cheesy anyways...I can spot a fake a mile away, lol. 

jenni... jenniamigo

I don't have any knockoffs but I have 4 coach bags one of them being a diaper bag. I didn't spend more than 5 dollars a peice on them because I got them at yard sales. except for the diaper bag. That one was 200.00. on sale but it ididn't buy it. My father in law bought it for me as a gift for my baby shower.

ameli... ameliasmama1026

Like Pb_J I used to have fakes. Nobody was believing that bag was real. I now have the real things and will never buy a fake again.


Personally, I don't care about the name brand stuff. I can't see paying hundreds of dollars for a purse. I guess I've always had to watch my finances so I look at stuff like that. I try to be economical. Especially with the economy like it is now.

I'd rather shop at Walmart!! I can't understand why anyone would pay such big prices for something just because of the label.

There's people that are going hungry and others pay hundreds of dollars for a purse. I just don't understand.

But if you can afford it, I guess its up to you to spend your money the way you want to.

rleer4 rleer4

I have always thought knock offs are illegal.  But i have a hard time understanding why stores are still selling them without lawsuits against them.  I also remember reading that these knock offs are produced by children and the profits go to things like prostitution, so i refuse to buy them.  Who wants a ugly plastic purse anyways when the real thing is better made and better designed out of high quality materials.  How would you feel if what you made by hand was stolen from you and remade out of ugly materials and sold so you had to close up your shop and lose your lifes work?  How would you feel if your daughter was stolen from you and sold into prositution becuase people are buying cheap ugly bags?  i'd rather use a paper bag to carry my stuff in....

eagle... eaglemama2

I don't care for them.    If you know what authentic merchandise looks like, you can spot fakes a mile away.    I have only ever owned 2 LV bags and 1 D&B,  they are cute, last long and I still have them.   For me it was quality too.    Now, if I can't afford it, I don't get it.

momof... momoflilangel

I have a real LV bag that I bought from a yard sale for $1! And I have a Knock-off Coach bag that someone gave me. I will wear it cause it was a gift but I won't actually buy one myself. I get my name brand purses from Ross or other discounted department stores. Other then that it is Wal-Mart for me too.

pammie6 pammie6

I don't like knockoff's.  I want the real thing.  I'll save for a quality purse or shoes then buy a fake, just to impress someone.  I've been invited to many of those knock off house parties, never went.   pammie6

auror... aurorabunny

I don't give a hoot about owning name brand items so I don't have any.

frogg... froggie7012

I believe that the knock offs are great for those that would like to have nice things but can not afford them. What I don't like is the fact that people are selling them for the price they shouldn't. I heard of a girl getting a gift from her daughter that was a knockoff Coach purse for 120.00 out of the back of a car. If someone is going to sell these products, they need to make sure that they at least are cheaper than the outlet malls. I just don't believe in taking advantage of thes people who are trying to have nice things but can not afford the real deal. Me, I preferred saving my money and purchasing the real thing. If it is not the real thing, I don't won't it.

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