How Do You Feel About Knockoffs?

birkin bag hermes

Photo from Fashion Knockoffs

Birkin-Styled Handbag, $39.95

My sister lives in China, land of the knockoff _______ (anything your heart desires). You can get a "Tiffany" necklace, a "Chanel" handbag, or some "Prada" sunglasses for dirt cheap. I'm talking $10 or less for items that could, if they were the real thing, cost you thousands.


There are plenty of knockoffs to be had here in the U.S. as well, and although passing them off as real and selling them isn't exactly legal, that hasn't stopped shoppers who covet owning something with a Coach, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci logo from buying them.

Of course there is a difference between knockoff bags and counterfeit bags that violate trademark laws. If you're looking for a bag that's "like a Birkin bag" or some other hot handbag du jour, you can certainly find them in lower priced stores or on Fashion Knockoffs, and that's all legal as far as I know. What isn't legal is using a designer's logo or altering it a bit and passing the bag off as the real thing.

I've never been into logos, though unfortunately that doesn't mean I don't like expensive things. I'm just more interested in offbeat designers, which is why Etsy has become my favorite place to shop. If I did own a Coach or Gucci bag, I'd want it to be the real thing, otherwise what's the point? (Subliminal message to sister: Please stop giving me fake stuff.) But I know a lot of people feel differently.

What's your take on knockoffs? Do you care if your Coach bag is a phoney? Do you think there's something more special about having the real thing? Do you think it's okay to buy bags with faux logos even though it's illegal?

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