Tracy Feith for Target

Tracy Feith for TargetTracy Feith for Target
















Get your boho surfer chic style on at Target. The Go International line is currently featuring long-haired Texan designer, Tracy Feith, a man who really knows how to dress a woman. His looks have quite a range -- featuring flowing dresses, embroidered tops, bold prints, and even rocker jackets and sassy little numbers.


Tracy Feith for TargetTracy Feith for Target

















From top left:

There's a lot more to choose from (see all Tracy Feith here) -- and here I am trying to be good and not buy anything!

Doesn't the model top left wearing the maxi printed dress look like the model Allie from The City ? I think it's her!

Have you seen these looks at Target yet? Which one do you want to buy?

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