Colorful Jewelry Makes Anything Pretty

butterfly necklace

Photo from Jewel Queen

House of Harlow earrings

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I love pops of color, especially if it's on jewelry. Instead of gold or silver, incorporate colorful pieces! Nicole Richie makes gorgeous baubles. I love these House of Harlow 1960 Earrings with Red Resin and Black Stones ($28). Also available in blue, green, and white.

Who doesn't love butterflies? Etsy's Jewel Queen crafted this beautiful Yellow Butterfly Antique Brass and Mother of Pearl Necklace ($20).

There's more....

chandelier earrings

Photo from Avon

turquoise necklace

Photo from Alloy










Avon's Colorful Scroll Chandelier Earrings ($9.99 on sale) come in blue or white. I love wearing earrings like this with my bathing suit.

I happen to own this necklace and love it. Alloy's Tory Necklace ($19.50) snazzies up a tank top and reminds me of the turquoise necklace Eva Mendes wore at a fraction of the price.

Do you wear colorful jewelry? Which one of these pieces is your favorite?

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LaNet... LaNette000

I'm a big fan of bracelets and rings, but rarely ever where any jewelry, unless I am going somewhere special.

beadi... beadingmom17

I love jewelry!  I'm actually a designer so I make my own :)  I also work for a designer and we make some AWESOME pieces...check it out!

Sweet... SweetLuci

I like color. Right now I'm wearing a lot of lime green, turquoise and melon, so I have to have jewelry that co-ordinates with those colors. I also like bronze tones. Putting on colorful jewelry perks me up.

pammie6 pammie6

I love jewelry!!  And love chunky/color.  I also love crystal.  Have some old pieces from my Mom, very deco and always get so many compliments when I wear them.  But you do need the proper outfit to bring it all together and not go too overboard.


I absolutely wear colorful jewelry!   But the most important thing about BUYING colorful jewelry is buying the coordinating pieces at the same time whether you need them or not... because you may need them in the future and when you go back to get the pieces you need they will be gone!

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