Selling Clothes Underwater and Other Good Marketing Tricks


Photo from Anthropologie

This is the Reflections Chemise in the (underwater) May 2009 Anthropologie catalog. Would you buy this dress?


Anthropologie is getting more and more artsy all the time. I happen to love it. They're catalog is so beautiful to peruse—more an art piece sometimes than a clothing catalog. Anthropologie's display windows are also wonderful works of art. And I usually want to just move right into the home section of the stores. So pretty!

I just wonder if all this artistic marketing helps sell clothes. Normally, I would say yes. Because I do find myself *wanting* to visit Anthropologie for its creativity and whimsy. It makes me feel inspired. And honestly, it makes me feel inspired to spend a little money in their store.

However, this recent underwater catalog threw me for a loop a little because I really loved the Reflection Chemise dress underwater (above) but not so much out of water. So then I felt like I got a little duped.

Be honest. How much does artsy appeal and pretty media influence where you shop and what you buy?

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