Best Tankini Bathing Suits

bathing suitsI found some really adorable tankini bathing suits! You get the coverage of a one-piece, but the comfort (and convenience when using the bathroom) of a two-piece.

How cute is this pink dot tankini? And there are more cute styles, too.


I had never heard of Layers Clothing until I read a post by militarygirl83 in the Stay at Home Moms group (must be member to view). What's funny is she used the words "modest swimsuits" in the post and some automatically thought they would look something like this, a full body suit kind of swimwear. But instead it's just modest to those who wear itty bitty teeny weeny bikinis (or thongs).

There was a giveaway going on, but that was over last week. I missed it! But these styles are so cute. I wonder if I can fit in them? I'm 9 weeks pregnant with twins...and growing?

Tops are $42 and bottoms are $26. Don't forget your other beach essentials!

Do you wear tankinis? What kind of bathing suits do you like?


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