Winged Sleeve Tops: Be a Pretty Bird

wing sleeve shirts

My friend Richard calls women "birds." He's British. He'll say, Where's your bird? If a friend's lady isn't around. I kind of like it. Birds are so graceful. When I checked out Anthropologie's newsletter showing a selection of winged sleeve tops with the words "full sleeved specimens and "airborne blouses" I thought of him. And I also loved the kimono-inspired looks.



And look at these....

wing sleeve shirts

If you aren't up for splurging on these, but you love the style, look for them at your favorite shops. I found some over at Forever 21! Check out this Paisley Chiffon Kimono Tunic ($19.80) and Jenny Sheer Floral Blouse ($19.80).

Do you have winged sleeve tops? What do you think of this look?

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