Feather Necklace: Tell My Hubs to Buy This for Me!

feather necklace

Photo from Bona Drag

I know some of you will love this and others will hate it, but oh my would I love to have this gorgeous feather necklace.

My one year anniversary is coming up next weekend. Maybe my husband can buy it for me? Um...honey....


I just discovered this really neat site where I found the necklace, too. It's called Bona Drag and they have a really cool sampling of items -- clothing, jewelry, and bric a brac. and for every purchase, you get a mix CD with music from emerging artists. See? Something for me and for my husband!

This Grey Feather Necklace by Miss KK is $88 and it's sold out right now, but they are taking orders for the next shipment.

Do you love it or hate it?

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