Vintage vs. Designer: How to Score Great Looks for Less

Janis by Janis Savitt necklace

Vintage, antiques, old-fashioned style...I love the looks of yesterday. And in fashion, the old looks always come back around again.

How many times have you flipped through a magazine only to see something you had to have and then saw the price tag and thought...OK, there's no way that's happening. Tons, right? My friend Karen and I are so in love with these boots from Gucci, but they cost $1,250! We even talked about buying them together and taking turns wearing them (she's a size bigger than me but I offered to wear thick socks), and even then it's just too much money. This is where vintage comes into play.


My vintage find

Sure, you might not find the exact match, but you can often find something close. Take this necklace for example. The Janis by Janis Savitt Brass & Crystal necklace is $800 from Neiman Marcus. The necklace on the right is one I found in a little antique shop called Grandpa's Closet in upstate New York. The cost? $4!!

CafeMom is buzzing with chatter devoted to the styles of eras gone by. Vintage moms...yearning to live in the past and Retro Moms are two groups who discuss vintage.

Check out Cafe Kim's blog on how to throw a retro party and Cafe Sheri's tips on incorporating vintage into your home! I'm going to post on great online vintage shops a little later today, but comment below if you know of any great shops as well.

Have you scored some really great vintage lately?

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