How Do You Pamper Yourself?

how do you pamper yourself

Photo by InFaNtRyWifWHIT

For Mother's Day, I took my mom and my sister to get pedicures. It's one of my favorite ways to pamper myself -- not only do my toes end up looking pretty, but I get a foot massage, too. We had a great day.

CafeMom MOMMYKNS0328 asked the community what are some of the ways you pamper yourself? The answers gave me some great ideas.

  • 2wndrfl_btrflys said when she needs a day to herself, she gets her hair shampooed, cut, and styled. Then she goes out to lunch or meets a friend to go shopping -- even if it's just window shopping.
  • jmoran goes to the Hershey Spa in Pennsylvania every couple of months. She said nothing will completely relax you like a chocolate scrub, massage, and lunch.
  • Fistandantalus makes all her own skin care products, so she has top-shelf stuff without the top-shelf price! 
  • lbranta takes a nice hot bath with Calgon, lights some candles, and burns some incense. She relaxes in tub for about an hour.

These are all such great ideas. What about you? How do you like to pamper yourself?

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