Aloe Vera: Must Have Beauty Plant

aloe vera plant beauty remediesCleopatra supposedly used the aloe in the aloe vera plant on her skin to keep her looking young. And it's a great idea -- not only does the juices help with burns, but it has many healing properties to beautify your skin.


  • Aloe vera works well as an anti-aging agent to prevent wrinkles.
  • It has a high water content, so it really nourishes skin.
  • Aloe is a great moisturizer; it supplies oxygen to skin cells, strengthening them. 
  • Great for eczema or psoriasis.
  • It's also a natural astringent and helps purify skin and make it less oily.
  • It works to heal acne, even reducing the appearance of scars.

I want an aloe vera plant!

Do you have one?



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