A Tribute to My Mom's Style

tribute to my mom's style

My mom sometime in the late 60s NYC

Happy Mother's Day!

Any style I do have, I owe to my mom -- who is not only an amazing mama to me, but who has always had impeccable style. When she is 99 years old, I guarantee you she will still be wearing lipstick, her hair will be sassy, and her wardrobe enviable by those 79 years younger.

My mom always loved fashion, always bought magazines, and experimented in her closet by trying on clothes -- she told me she used to do that for hours. Her fashion role models were Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. "I still enjoy the latest fashion," my mom said, "not all of it of course, but I like to stay somewhat in style."


Late 60s/Early 70s mama

Her dad, my grandpa, had a shop making women's coats and suits in NYC. One year, when she was just a teen, he made my mom two suits just like Jackie's. "Sometimes I think the only reason I wanted to go to work was to dress up," she told me. She also shared this:


"I can even remember my first pair of pantyhose, which are just obsolete now. I was so excited I laid on the couch with my legs over the back admiring my legs -- thought they were looking so darn good and the hose felt much better than the stupid garter belts we used to wear. I must have been about 12 or so -- yes I actually did have a garter belt maybe when I was 11 or so. Crazy!"

I love my mom.

Dad, mom, and me at my wedding last year



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