Mom & Daughter Shoes from Payless











When I was little, I would "wear" my mother's shoes. They didn't fit of course, but my sister and I loved taking out her high heels (we called them "hills") and slip our tiny tween feet into her size 6s.

If only they made these Payless Mommy + Me shoes back then!


Payless has quite a few different styles in stores. Shown above are the Teeny Toes Lela Rose Collection Foley Sandal ($19) for baby and Lela Rose Red Arcady Birdseye Bow Sling ($38) for you.

These cute Caruth Check Wedges ($38) for you match great with the Lilly Mary Jane ($22) for your toddler. 

There are many more styles available! Visit or a shop near you.

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