LeAnn Rimes vs. Bethenny Frankel: Kentucky Derby Style

LeAnn Rimes Kentucky Derby

Photo by Jeff Gentner/Getty

Bethenny Frankel

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The Kentucky Derby took place on Saturday and Mine That Bird came from the back to win! They sure do have kooky names for horses, don't they?

There's also the tradition of ladies in big hats and fancy clothes. LeAnn Rimes and Bethenny Frankel were two ladies who stood out at the Derby.


LeAnn looked super feminine in a floral print dress. I have shoes that look just like the ones she has on. Her hat had a line backer-wide brim and was accented with a red trim.

Bethenny, "Real Housewife" she is not, wore a pink sassy one-should jumpsuit. Her hat was white and cinched at the front. Very curious about her lollipop.

This is Derby fashion! But who looked better?

Which outfit would you wear?


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