What Do You Want for Mother's Day?

what do you want for Mother's Day

Me & my mama!

My mom is a fashionista. Seriously. Her closet is filled with the most adorable clothes -- I wish I could fit into them, but she's a size 2.

In the past, I've bought her clothes, earrings, necklaces, framed photos, even baked her cookies for Mother's Day. It's hard...I always want to get her the most perfect gift, but that gift can never really express what she means to me.


This year, I'd like to treat her to a spa day with my sister. After we can have a nice lunch together and just hang out and talk.

Cafe Cynthia has a lot of great Mother's Day ideas from moms over on the Toddler Buzz.

What about you? What do you want for Mother's Day? What is the best gift your kids can give to you?

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