I Heart These Rings

flower ring

Photo from The BrassHussy

I've been on a costume ring kick lately. I have a two finger ring that my husband bought me that I love! And I just may have to buy one of these.

But I might have to ship it to work since my DH called from home and said: A bunch of clothes just arrived?! Whoopsie. I wasn't supposed to be shopping -- we're on a tight budget. 

So I was smart. I found rings that were all $16 or less!

This sweet Peach Floral Chrysanthemum Brass Filigree Ring  is just $11. There's more....


peacock ring

Photo from PoppyJoy

Photo from PoppyJoy











These colorful band rings by PoppyJoy are $3.99 each and come in a variety of designs -- love the leaves and peacock, but there's birds, elephants, and more.


fabric ring

Photo from Capricious Traveler


This vintage Tea Party ring from Capricious Traveler is $16. It's feminine with just the right amount of sparkle.

Do you have a favorite costume ring you love? Which one of these is your favorite?




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