Ugly Days: How Do You Get Over Them?

ugly days

She was moving so fast, lots of the photos were blurry!

I was having a particularly uninspiring ugly day the other day. And guess what snapped me out of it? Doing girly stuff with my niece Tennessee.

We were hanging out in her room and she kept bringing me things -- books, clothes, dolls, whatever was around. And then she set her eyes on the headbands my mother bought her but refuses to wear. I put it on my head.


She loved the idea! She tried to put it on her own head, but couldn't, so handed it to me so I can fit it on her.

It was such a great moment that we documented it with a bunch of photos to show my mom that she really does like her headbands...she just needed to see how it was done. And how cute it looks. Well, at least on girls. She wasn't happy when Mr. Cafe MicheleZ put it on.

Instantly, I no longer felt ugly. Happiness like that just makes you feel beautiful from the inside out.

CafeMom Chase_Love was having an ugly day and she talked about it in the Beauty Tips & Tricks group. Lots of moms sympathized and they talked about many ways they try to get themselves out of a funk. Some moms clean, others submerse themselves in work, some look to family to get them out of their mood.

How do you get over those ugly days?

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