Christine Coppa: This Single Mom Does It All!

Christine Coppa Rattled!

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At 26, Christine Coppa was living the NYC life -- she worked at a magazine, had a boyfriend (they're hard to find in the city, good ones, at least), and of course, a great social life. Then those two lines appeared on a stick and her life changed. Oh and that boyfriend? He didn't stick around. Still, she she was determined to make it all work.

Rattled!, Christine's memoir, starts off from the at-home pregnancy test and takes you through the first few months of life with her son, Jack Domenic. And she continues to write about life as a mom on her blog, Storked!

Christine's book and blog are so real and honest, at times hilarious, and always filled with the joy of being a mommy. I asked her  some questions about her son and Rattled! -- and of course we had to talk makeup and fashion!


What made you decide to write Rattled!?

I wrote this book as in-depth look or extension to my blog Storked! which chronicles the end of my pregnancy to present day. The book, however, begins when I am confronted with a positive pregnancy test, so there is a lot of backstory that was never revealed on the blog. I wrote this book foremost for my son, JD, and was so moved when InTouch mag called it a love story between a mother and a son. Furthermore, for single mothers who are berated in the media and for my readers on that come back every, single day. This book, I hope, will give people courage to make decisions that are best for them and also provide a silver lining at a surprise fork in the road, because there is always a silver lining.

How long into your pregnancy did you wear heels?

Well, I worked full-time at First magazine until August 28 and my son, JD, was born on August 30. I didn't wear heels everyday, but I tried to! I am a full time freelance writer now and only wear heels when I have meetings at Glamour. I miss my heels!

Did you ever buy maternity clothes?

I bought maternity jeans and that fiasco is documented in chapter 6 and a piece of it was excerpted at

As for maternity shirts -- Urban Outfitters had the cutest, airiest tunics the summer I was pregnant. I bought a size medium as opposed to a small. This summer they are a little big, BUT they are going to make very chic swimsuit coverups.

How has your beauty and style routine changed now that you are a mom?

These days cherry Chapstick, a swipe or two of bronzer and mascara is considered a full face of makeup -- it's surprisingly fresh looking, too!

Tell the truth: Did you freshen up your makeup before you went to hospital to deliver?

I didn't wear any makeup to the hospital. I took a shower the morning of, sprayed on some Jurlique rose water toner and worked in a dab of Pond's face lotion. I was really nervous about getting the spinal before my mandatory c-section (I have a back problem) and was pretty much too shaky to apply mascara and risk poking my eye out.

Rattled Christine CoppaDoes your son have a favorite look for mommy?

I have really long hair. My son is amazed when I twirl it up into a ballerina bun and secure it. He looks at me like I'm a magician. We also like to wear matching Converse sneaks and he is still rather confused by dark or bright nail polish.

What advice can you give to moms on the go who want to look their best, but don't have a lot of time to get ready in the mornings?

Red lipstick or gloss. I like Juicy Apple by Clinique. It just brightens up my whole face even if I've been up since 5am with JD who sometimes likes to start the day extra-early.

What was the first thing you did with your friends after you had JD?

I met my girlfriends for brunch in Soho at Spring Street Natural. JD napped in his stroller the entire time and the waitress told me he looked like a "baby model." I had a virgin Bloody Mary and eggs. 

Are there any fashions that you won't let JD wear?

I once let him suck on a pacifier with the word "Pimp" on it and that pissed off some readers. But, nah, not really. JD actually rocked pink and purple sneakers! And I just bought him a pink RL polo to wear with a pair of black and white seersucker shorts that are dotted with skulls. Rad!

How did you get back to pre-baby shape?

I just ate healthy -- lots of salads and water and since it was Fall JD and I took two-mile walks daily. These days chasing him around (he's 20 months!) and lugging him around (he's 26 lbs.) keep me in tip top shape! Seriously.

What is the best part about being a mom?

Experiencing things for the first time with my son. Have you ever hugged a tree? My son does, so I did once, too. He also waves at birds and planes. He has reminded me that there is simple, free beauty all around me and he just makes everyday things like washing dishes a joy when he says, "Bub-ble, Mama! Bub!"


Thanks, Christine! Have any questions for her? Or answer one of these yourself!

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