Does Your Bra Match Your Panties?

bra and panties matchIt was long ago when my bra and underwear matched. Back when I was dating my now-husband, they always did! And it doesn't help that one of my best friends is an underwear designer and constantly supplies me with cute, comfortable, cotton boy shorts that come in a wide array of colors and have sayings on them like "Best Friends" with a graphic of a cookie and a milk carton holding hands. You just can't find a bra to match that.

OK. I may have just revealed too much. But who can turn down free comfy panties?


CafeMom joules2 asked this ever-so important question: How often do you wear matching bra and underwear? Eighty-three percent are just like me -- they answered "Not so much -- 0 to 3 days a week."

One mom even asked if never could be an option.

What about you? How often do you match your bra and panties?


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