Help This CafeMom Name Her Spa!

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I was checking out the polls and found CafeMom DAH02's question about what to name her salon.

She's a hairstylist and wants to add spa services to her shop. She just started doing manicures and hopes to add pedicures soon. With all of these exciting changes, she wants to change the name, too.

Let's help her out!


JulieJacobKyle suggested Curl Up & Dye, but so far Above & Beyond Hair Salon & Spa is in the lead with 38 percent of the votes.

I like names that make me feel special if I go there. Something like Pretty & Pampered. There's also a salon and spa near me in NYC called Metamorphosis. I always liked that name and you can have a pretty logo with a butterfly.

No matter what name you choose, DAH02, I hope it's super successful!

What do you think is a great name for her salon/spa?



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