Maxi Dress: Long on Style

maxi dress

Photo from Polyvore

The easiest thing I can wear when the weather is warm is the maxi dress -- long, flowy, and an all-in-one outfit. It's also a style that is flattering on many, even works well if you are pregnant.

CafeMom greekgodess37 asked readers what they thought of the maxi dress. Answers varied, but 21 percent said they loved it, while 21 percent said they didn't like it at all.

I love them. They are perfect to throw on to feel dressed up or dressed down just by the accessories and shoes. Plus, some days I just don't like showing my legs. You know, those days when shaving is just too annoying.

maxi dress

Photo from Polyvore

Do you wear maxi dresses? What do you think of this style?


Where to buy (from top):

  • Halter Maxi Dress from Victoria's Secret (on sale for $65) -- this is the one I really want!
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