Are You Dreading Bikini Season?

bikini season

Photo from Victoria's Secret

I want the white top with green bottom bikini!

All the catalogs that come to my house are filled with adorable bikinis worn by svelte models frolicking along the sand. In my head, I picture myself in the bikini -- same body as the model with my face. Damn, I look good. But reality is slightly different.

I know what looks best on me while at the beach, so I stay away from string bikinis. I love those boy short bottoms. And even with the suit that suits me best, I think, most of us have some sort of anxiety about bikini season.


mamacita4two put up a poll saying, "I hate bikini season. What about you?"

The last time I checked, there were 230 votes.

  • 58 percent said, "Yes, I hate my body."
  • 31 percent said, "I couldn't care less."
  • 10 percent said, "No, I look damn good."

What are your thoughts on bikini season? What do you wear to the beach?

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