Do You Let Friends Borrow Clothes?

do you let friends borrow clothes

Photo by Tiera

I wish I could borrow her clothes!

When I was a teenager, my sister would always want to borrow my clothes.

Problem was...she wasn't careful with my items and she smoked (terrible!). When she would return my stuff it would have stains, be crumpled in a ball, and/or smelled like cigarettes. She even burned a hole in one of my sheer-sleeved shirts (that was oh so fashionable at the time). I told her, You can't smoke in my clothes! She laughed at me.

By the way, she's a fashion designer now. Too funny.

So I was never too keen on lending out my clothes to anyone. Not family, not even friends.


I'm all about the clothing swap party, but that's permanent. No backsies.

I have, however, borrowed dresses from my sister -- current time. She takes care of her clothes now. But it's mostly a dress for a wedding or fancy event -- so much easier and cheaper to borrow than to buy a brand new one. But everyday items -- not up for borrowing.

Do you let friends borrow your clothes? Do you borrow from friends?

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