Should I Buy These Sandals?


Photo from Aerosoles

I did something bad. OK, not that bad. But it seems the couple of pairs of summery shoes I bought over the winter are just really impractical. Heel is too high and really low on comfort. I have one pair that I love but I wear them everyday and need another pair, preferably a wedge...and not a flat, but with a heel I can manage.

By the way, I live in heels, so I can manage well with a wedge like this.


I walked by Aerosoles today and saw these. They are as light as a feather and have a cushioned insole. How cute are the interwoven straps? Price: $79.

I wasn't sure about the color -- orange -- but the tan and black just didn't look as cute to me. Besides, $79. So I passed.

But then I checked out the company's website and they are on sale for $59.25. The last pair of Aerosoles sandals I bought lasted me for many seasons. But I'm still a little hung up on the color. What do you think?

Should I buy these sandals? Do you have a pair?

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