Are You a Cosmoholic?

Photo by my2luvbugs

I think I am, but it doesn't mean I am addicted to drinking Cosmos...though they are really delicious!


It means I can't live without cosmetics. OK, I can totally live without them, but I just love wearing them...with lipstick being my favorite.

So I just learned of a new line called Cosmoholic and they have a lipsticks that go on like a gloss and actually taste good on your lips...a mix of vanilla and macadamia nut. They have really cute product names that beg you to answer: What kind of lipgloss are you?

  • Bossy?
  • Promiscuous?
  • Prudish?
  • Mysterious?
  • Passionate?
  • A rock star?
  • A gold digger?

Or maybe you just don't know which colors work best for you. The Cosmoholic team says you can email them a photo and they will diagnosis you with the cure (meaning the right color for your skin tone). Don't worry if your color is promiscuous...I won't tell.

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