How to Find the Best Bra

How to find the best bra

Photo from Macy's

Boobs. It's not easy to find the right bra to fit them. All shapes and sizes with different needs -- what works for me, might not work for you.

The most important thing is fit and finding the right brand and style for you.


An anonymous CafeMom, who is a size 34C, is looking for a bra that she can wear with just about everything.

My favorite brands are Calvin Klein's Perfectly Fit Tailored Underwire Bra and Victoria's Secret's IPEX Demi Bra.

Some moms love bras from Maidenform, Wacol, and Gap Body.

Finding the right bra can be a challenge -- fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, post-pregnancy -- it seems our breasts are always changing.

Macy's has set up an online video series called Fit Matters, where a bra specialist shows you the right way to measure, pick, and yourself. There's also a Fit Calculator so if you don't want to be sized by a professional, you can do it yourself. Select Macy's locations also have fit specialists on hand to fit you in person and help you find the perfect bra.

When was the last time you were properly fitted for a bra?

And what brand is best?

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