Weekend Lust List

Photo by rockerchic

What are your plans for this weekend? In the Cafe @ CafeMom Group, ain-gell72 asks what everyone was doing. She plans on checking out a haunted maze and catch up on sleep. 2girls07 has some grocery shopping to do (me too!) and it's her DD's third birthday. Happy birthday! I'm going to watch Saturday Night Live with Josh Brolin as the host and a supposed guest spot by Sarah Palin! But I'm also going to attempt to organize my clothes...again. To make room for some of these things perhaps....


Rockerchic sells some really cute things, perfect for fall and Halloween. Great prices, too. Check out her Etsy page where you can get the bracelet (pictured above) for just $14.

You can also shop the Rainbow...as in Rainbow Shops. They have some really cute tops right now in all sizes. I really love the neckline and metal hardware on this knit top ($16.99) and these teardrop threaded earrings ($4.99).

Martin + Osa is having a 60 percent off sale on their clothes. Things are going fast, but I saw a really cute pair of jeans for just $20.96. They also have great knits and sweaters.

And now that the weather is getting colder, I'm noticing that not only my hands need more moisturizing, but my hair does, too. Paul Mitchell makes this really cool Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer (sold exclusively at salons, check this site to find a salon near you). It's a leave-in conditioner that will not only help your hair look shiny and cure fly-a-ways, but it's body lotion that smells really fresh! A multi-tasking must-have!

Are you going to try some of these picks? What are your plans for the weekend?

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