How to Have a Swap Party

green guidehow to having a swap partyI finally hosting a swap party! Not only is it eco-friendly, but you can recycle your old items and get new ones for free. Cost effective!

My sister agreed to have it at her house -- it's bigger -- and we already sent out Evites (no paper waste) so the ladies can start setting things aside.

Want more details?

Here's how to have a swap party....


If you are the host, here's how to prepare for party:

  • Think of a fun and easy menu with little bites and cocktails -- Cafe Kim has some great ideas.
  • Have party outdoors with a clothesline if you can or come up with creative ways to display items.
  • Tell guests that the swap isn't just for clothing. Accessories, shoes, books, household, and garden items also welcome. Check out Cafe Sheri's Home & Garden ideas for this swap.
  • As with any party, there are rules -- tell ladies to bring desirable things. Stained and broken items not welcome.
  • If your friends are a range of sizes, don't worry. Tell guests to keep this in mind when selecting items to bring. This is where accessories, CDs, books, and home items work really well. Try to have a good mix. 
  • Have a full sized mirror in the room so guests can try on items. Also a bedroom or bathroom clear for other try-ons if necessary.

Get the party started:

  • As guests arrive give them a penny for each item they brought. This is so ladies can leave with as much as they came. They can "cash" them in once they make final selections.
  • Have them write name on a slip of paper and place it in a jar. You'll draw names to see who goes first after all arrive.
  • Display items as best as you can as guests arrive. Place all shirts together, all pants, accessories on a table, etc.
  • Once everyone is there, draw the first name. That person gets to "shop" from the collection. Limit shop to one item per turn to keep it fair. Note: If you don't like this method, all ladies can shop at same time. Up to you.
  • Donate any unclaimed items to a homeless shelter or charity of your choice.

I'll post pictures of my swap party after the big event!

Will you have a swap party?

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