Grey Eyeliner: My New Favorite Look

grey eyeliner

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I went to Duane Reade the other day to buy Maybelline's Pure Concealer (it works well -- really like it!) and saw Cool Effects Shadow/Liner in Steely Gaze ($4.69). This silvery grey eyeliner basically called out to me. Buy me! Buy me! It said.


I bought it.


Every once in a while, I play around with eyeliner color. I'll wear a navy blue liner and sometimes like to smudge brown shadow. But I haven't worn a grey color like this.

I went home and tried it out.

Maybelline was right -- cool effects it does have. When you glide it on (it goes on very smooth), it's refreshingly cold. And I love the way it looks -- a little glimmery and in a light shade of grey so it's not overpowering, yet gives eyes a little boost. It's a thick pencil, so you can use it as a shadow as well.

Do you wear grey eyeliner? What's your favorite color to wear around your eyes?

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