The Hair Down There


Hot topic and TMI alert! Lots of ladies are buzzing about the hair down there. To shave or not to shave, but that's not the only question. What about waxing? How about laser removal? Do you go '70s style or take it all off?

It wasn't until I was well into my twenties that I even thought about my lady bush. Sure, I kept it neat for bathing suit season, but I was really low maintenance otherwise. Then something piqued my interest in taking it all off. So I did. I have to say that I have tried a lot of beauty procedures and this one does not rank as the most painful. For me, it's eyebrow threading. Gosh, that hurts! But the full Brazilian (which is waxing off every last hair down there) isn't so bad. It's fast (if you go to a professional) and lasts a lot longer than no bumps. Now I know it's not the same for everyone. Some find it very painful, and in fact, based on CafeMoms responses on if you shave or wax your private area, most of you prefer shaving only some of the area with a slight trim of the rest. But not all landing strips are the same size. There's lots of variety.

A lot of ladies don't remove it all for their man either. They do it for themselves. Some CafeMoms say it makes them feel clean and fresher, and others even find that it helps them get aroused quicker. No hair obstructing the lady bits!

I will say that trying to wax yourself is very tricky. I tried that once too and let's just say things stuck together that shouldn't have and the end result was not a pretty sight. Depilatory creams like Nair or Veet are pretty good...and thankfully they found a way to not make them smell so bad. These creams are only good if you want to remove some of your bikini line...not all. My friend Leila has gone the laser route and she says that it's totally worth it if you wax because even though laser hair removal is expensive, once you are done with treatments (usually three or four depending on the coarseness of your hair) then you are done....forever! Yeah, she says it hurts...but no more than childbirth and it's all over fast. Waxing can often cost $45 and up depending on what spa you go to, and most women need to go once a month to maintain. That's over $500 a year!

What do you think? Would you wax or laser? Do you prefer to go au natural?


What is your preferred method of hair down there removal?

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myblo... myblondelogic

I myself am a fan of the laser.  Shaving sucks.  Waxing would send me through the roof, having a woman put my legs over my head, pouring hot wax on my hoochie coochie, was not for me.  Forget the annoying growing in period.  Laser has been the best thing.  I now go every 4 months for a touch up and it takes 5 minutes.  It hurts don't get me wrong, it is short and sweet.  The expense over time is cheaper than razor blades.  It can be very addicting, watch out.

barabra barabra

IT SEEMS LIKE NIO MATTER HOW THIN YOU GET SEEMS LIKE YOU NEVER SEEM TO LOOSE WEIGHT DOWN THERE FUNNY huh any way i am a fan of shaving i heard on Oprah Dr. oz hes my fave! says you should leave hair cause it holds a scent that  turns the guys on its kinda animalistic huh>? but it makes sense??? and plus my man don't shave for me so i fig it cool with him if i keep a landing strip i prefer it personally funny subject but very interesting


Cindr... Cindrella72

I have been an Esthetician for over 18 years and have pretty done all procedures on myself. I started with shaving, waxing, laser, and I have been using the epilator machines for many years and prefer it over all the rest. Laser is too expensive because once you stop the hair does return, unfortunately, Waxing hurts to much for me, even though I did it for over a decade. Will never ever do the Brazilian again. I want to look like a woman for my Husband not a little girl. That is just a little too creepy in my opinion. I totally agree with barbara.... and landing strip is perfect for me too...

nikki37 nikki37

Had my 1st wax recently. It sure beats shaving.

Il uv the clean feeling. Ive even started going "Commando". An evening breeze under your skirt feels very sexy.


Conte... ContessaMia

I agree Nikki - I wish I had more time to get that Brazilian! It' s clean, fresh and not that painful after you get used to it! I used to make a date with girlfriends and have Capirinhas (Brazilian drink) right before we'd go to the Spa - that's a little trickier now with a 1 year old, hence its been a while!

still... stillfatmama

am still asking for an electrolosis kit for christmas... have been for years.  I'll have to have hubs do it... I don't think I could stand to expose myself to a ... stranger.

But it is a nice effeminate feeling in the end, no matter which way you take it off.

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

There must be a good reason for your body growing hair down there-why mess with Mother Nature? I say leave it. It could be a form of protection-delicate tissue down there. I prefer my whole body to be the way I was born. No tatoos, no body piercing. Leave your body alone is my philosophy.

bamab... bamabellemommy

I started shaving in my early twenties.  I LOVE the feeling of being clean and fresh.  I know what Dr. Oz said, but I don't like having a 'smell'!!  LOL!!! 

When I was pregnant, and I got too big to shave....I went to have myself waxed, because I just couldn't handle the feeling of hair down there.  LOL!!  That was the beginning of the end. 

I used to go once a month to be waxed, but I finally got up the nerve (after 5 years) to buy all the equipment and supplies to do it myself.  It's SOOOO much cheaper that way, and I don't have to make an appointment!  LOL!!

Rick Teixeira

The pussy is your.If want to remove your pubiv, hair, there is no problem. My 14 year old girlfriend removes her pubic hair too.

Rick Teixeira

The pussy is yours .If  you want to remove your pubic, hair, there is no problem. My 14 year old girlfriend removes her pubic hair too.

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