Schick Quattro Ad: Time To Trim the Bushes?

Jezebel featured this Schick Quattro ad about how it's time to mow the lawn -- code for shaving your pubic hair. The writer at Jezebel has a great point -- why do ads about women shaving down below have a sassy jingle that starts out with a lady feeling sad with a hairy cat in her lap until she takes out her razor to trim her meow? That's code for you know what.

Mowing the lawn isn't fun -- whether it's the real lawn or the one around your lady parts -- in fact...the actually act of mowing the lawn makes me feel blue. Though I do love the results.


Jezebel goes on to wonder why advertisements for women's hygiene products can't be straightforward. Does it have to involve bush trimming, tulips, and hairless cats?

What do you think of the ad?

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