How To Cover Up Acne With Makeup

how to cover up acne with makeup

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Adult acne is just plain cruel. And covering it up with makeup sometimes makes it worse. But who wants to wants to walk around with a big zit in plain view?

First things first -- you have to treat the acne. Check out Help for Adult Acne to get your skin on the road to recovery.

Now let's work on covering them up....


There is makeup that covers pimples and won't cause new ones.

  • CafeMom vbruno knows what she's talking about. She says to stay away from products that are comedogenic -- they clog pores and can make acne worse. Buy light, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic makeup.
  • I got a sample of Dermacia that I use sparingly because I love it (and it's expensive). It's a breathable non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic foundation that allows oxygen to flow into your skin to heal pimples while it covers them. 

What makeup do you use to cover blemishes?


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