Eco-Friendly Beauty & Style Tips from KnoxvilleDoula

eco-friendly beauty and style tips

KnoxvilleDoula wearing all-natural,

botanical, cruelty-free makeup

Eco-chic is one way I can describe CafeMom KnoxvilleDoula. She's an earth-loving mama of a tween, and she is very inspiring to me. If (or really when) I get to Tennessee, I'm looking forward to going thrift shopping with her.

Because she always has great ideas, I asked her to share her top 10 tips for how she leads an eco-friendly beauty and style life.


From KnoxvilleDoula:

1.  Make it yourself! Even if you go to a bookstore (hopefully a used bookstore) and buy a book on home spa recipes, you will save yourself tons of money.

2.  Conserve, conserve, conserve! Be aware of the amounts of product you use. Most women use twice to three times the amount of product they actually need. It takes very little moisturizer or face cleanser to properly care for your skin. Also, turn the water OFF when you are washing your face! This is the easiest and least expensive way you can go green. Apply moisturizer on your body while slightly damp to use less product.

3.  Boycott/refuse to use any product lines still testing on animals. There is absolutely no reason for any cosmetic company to do so. Look for the EU (European Union) seal of approval or the Friends of the Earth seal of approval.

4.  Shop thrift stores and consignment shops for better bargains on clothing. Consider consigning your own clothes to maximize your own profit as well. Have a clothing swap...we all get bored with what is in our closet, so why not swap closets with your friends? This can be done with jewelry and accessories as well.

eco-friendly beauty and style tips

The orange tree she's grown

since it was a seedling

5.  Think outside the box when it comes to your clothing. Mix and match pieces in your closet to extend into the seasons, add an accessory or two and you are a fashion mama! Do you have a great long winter skirt but are sick of sweaters? Try wearing the skirt as a dress -- yes -- a dress, tie a sash or use a belt underneath your bust line, throw on a spring coat and a large bead necklace and you have a whole new outfit! Have a friend over and make a fashion night putting different things together and see your closet in a whole new perspective.

6.  Extend -- use every last swipe of product -- use a lipbrush to get the last bit of lipstick, cut the end off the tube of lotion, buy the larger size of products you regularly use, and remember to recycle those containers, too!

7.  Use bamboo washcloths to cleanse your skin. Using disposable cleaning pads are a terrible waste. Bamboo exfoliates your skin gently and delicately and is also naturally resistant to bacteria. Consider switching your sheets to bamboo as well. I love mine and can't remember sleeping on anything else.

8.  Don't overdry your hair. It not only uses up precious energy, it requires more use of product to protect and treat damaged tresses. Gently soak  up as much water from you hair as possible with an absorbent towel, then let your hair airdry to at least 80 percent. Think you don't have time to do this in the morning? Wash your hair at night and let it dry while you sleep.

eco-friendly beauty and style tips

A photo she really loves...I do too!

9.  Avoid products with DEA, Parabens, Petroleum, Thimerosol, Dioxane, Formaldehyde, Phthalates -- these are known to potentially harm your health and the environment.

10.  PRE-cycle by choosing products with less packaging. If you want your current favorite product lines to change, be pro-active! Send emails, make a phone call and ask them to switch to recycleable containers, use less packaging, and become more eco-friendly. Do your part and they will, too.

Pre-cycle is my new favorite term! And by the way, I love wearing long skirts as dresses and short skirts as tops. Throw on a belt and voila!

Thanks for all your great tips, KnoxvilleDoula.

Ladies, how many of these tips do you follow? Have any others to add?

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