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Years ago, a friend of mine found an abrasive sandpaper-like contraption that smoothed away hair. She liked the way it got rid of any peach fuzz on her face. I tried it, but got bad results. It was too rough on my skin and as a result made it dry out and look too red from the rubbing back and forth with the rough paper. But she loved it and continues to use it.

Lately I've been seeing more and more ads for Smooth Away, a pad with "superfine crystals that buffs away unwanted hair."


CafeMom mamamissy316 asked if anyone has tried Smooth Away in The Newcomers Club.

  • aidensmommy102 says that her mom bought one and loves it. She uses it on her arms and chin and says it doesn't hurt.
  • Fedwife noted that Whoopi Goldberg said on The View that Smooth Away is the only hair remover she uses.
  • sweets3075 bought it and likes it, but says you have to buy a lot of replacement pads because they stop working after a few minutes.
  • kikibix doesn't think it's worth it. She says it takes much longer than shaving and does not last longer than shaving. Like me, she found her skin was irritated and red afterwards. 

You can buy one for $14.99 and get one free at Smooth Away's official website.

Have you tried Smooth Away? What do you think of this method of hair removal?

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