How To Apply Liquid Liner

If I made a video on how to apply liquid liner, it would follow the same tips as what YouTube's naty1129 offers here. Liquid liner stays on longer and offers a more precise line for the top lid of your eye.

Check out the video and here are some other ideas to consider....

  • You can steady your hand on your cheek. Some even put elbow to table if applying while sitting.
  • Hold the wand like you would a pencil or paint brush.
  • I apply with my chin out, looking down into the mirror so my lid is naturally half closed, yet I can still see.
  • Begin application in the center --the tip is most saturated with color at the start, so you don't want to deposit too thick a line in the corner of the eye.
  • Your line can get thicker at outside of eye if you like that look. Keep the flow of the line, just gradually draw it in thicker as you go out, thinning out again for the end.

Have any other tips to add on how to apply liquid liner?

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