Mayonnaise Deep Conditions Hair

mayo for hair

Photo from Hellmann's

Mayo -- either you love it or hate. I'm a huge fan, but I have been cutting back because whoa it's loaded with calories. Plus, I love The Biggest Loser and trainer Jillian noted that mustard and some vinegar is a much healthier option. Still I love my mayo.

For your body, that is.

But for your hair, mayonnaise is really good. Mayo is the ultimate cholesterol treatment for your locks. It will make your hair shiny and stronger.

Some CafeMoms have tried it.

  • reese1206 asked if anyone used mayo in their hair in the All About Hair And Makeup group. Her friend uses it on her damp hair, keeps it in for 15 minutes, then washes it out. She says it works really well and makes her hair shiny.
  • babeydawn has tried it but didn't like the smell. She prefers coconut oil. 
  • lulu1981 says some people even beat another egg into it for deep conditioning hair treatments. She prefers coconut oil or avocados though. Here's a recipe for an avocado hair mask.

Mayo is essentially olive oil and egg yolks, so it makes sense that it's healthy for your hair. Plus, it's chemical free if you make it at home.

Tip: If you use it as a deep conditioner, apply and wrap hair in warm damp towel or a hair cap to get the most of the treatment.

Have you ever used mayo as a hair treatment?

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