Carmen Electra & Fiancé Shop Together

Carmen Electra

Photo by Albert Michael/

When I wrote about my recent shopping experience with my hubs at Target, I asked if you'd rather shop alone. I would. CafeMom 4monkees says she doesn't mind shopping with her kids, but she'd rather not shop with her husband.

fullofhope325 says that her husband is really helpful when they go shopping. It seems Carmen Electra has a helpful man by her side, too. 

Carmen Electra

Photo by Albert Michael/

Electra's fiancé, Rob Patterson, not only helped his lady pick out clothes, but he reportedly spent thousands on her according to my sources. They went to Owl's Lab, a cool boutique in NYC, where she tried on Genetic Jeans, brown moccasins by Joie, and a one-of-a-kind purple feather headband by Feather Light Brigade. Rob even carried her bags. How cute!

What about you and your significant other? Do you like to shop together?

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