Topshop Opens In NYC

Topshop Kate Moss

Photo from Topshop

Topshop, the well-priced British shop that offers the latest trends and a line by Kate Moss, opened in NYC last week. Friday night was a celebrity-fest -- Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, and Simon Cowell were there! 

I decided to brave it on Saturday morning. Perhaps the young fashionistas would still be asleep from partying too much the night before.


I was right...sort of. There was a line to enter, but I only had to wait about two minutes before I was allowed in. Once in, it was three floors of fabulous! I think there are actually four floors, but I didn't check out the men's section. (Sorry, hubs!)

It was a flurry of bright colors, lots of embellishments and sparkly gems sewn on clothes, and then there it was...Kate Moss' collection. Bloody brilliant. It's like she made the clothes with me in mind. Damn you, Kate! I'm on a budget!

i really wanted the Vintage Rose Dress (seen above), but it was $125 and I just couldn't justify it. I ended up getting this Blouson Sleeve Dress ($80) because, well, it's very me -- I would wear this with jeans and also with leggings and in the summer all by itself. Plus it's a solid color and I just get more wear out of solids.

When I left the store, at around noon, the line was down and around the block! But the good news is, anyone can now shop at Topshop online, without having to worry about money conversions and shipping from the UK. Plus, no lines.

Visit Topshop -- USA.

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